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Working Remotely In Whistler

Working Remotely In Whistler

A digital nomad is a catchy term for someone who is able to work from anywhere. In this day and age, many of us are digital nomads and have the luxury of working outside of an office. If you are one of the lucky ones, take advantage of your freedom and travel. To balance work and play, choose a location that can act as both an office and as a holiday. Whistler is a perfect example of such a destination. In this place, you are able to relax, have fun, and continue checking emails. But as with any vacation, it’s easier said than done. Here are a few tips to make working remotely in Whistler while on holiday as productive as a day in the office.

Pack Smart

The most important step in working while on vacation is packing all the tools you need to get the job done. You never know what will be available to you, so it is best to come prepared. In Whistler, there are stores where you can purchase forgotten equipment but the selection may be small. In your baggage include the following to ensure you’re able to keep working as efficiently as possible: on-the-go chargers, high-quality photography and computer equipment, wi-fi sticks and cable.

Set A Schedule

Plan your days and stick to that schedule. Establishing working hours will help you feel more organized. It is also a great way to let those know back home when you can be reached.

Enjoy Your Down Time

Remember, you are on vacation so it’s okay to set down your computer and enjoy yourself. If you’re off partaking in one of the many Whistler activities, put your phone on silent and refrain from answering emails. Stepping away will help you still reap the benefits of being on a holiday.

Where To Go

Your office might be mobile, but it still helps productivity if you have a place to set up for the day and get things done. Whistler is home to a few coworking spaces. Pay a small drop in fee and enjoy a creative atmosphere, access to unlimited coffee, and the most important- Wifi! If you aren’t interested in paying a small fee, check out one of the local cafes.

Working remotely can allow you to enjoy life while still earning an income. To make your holiday as productive as possible, choose a destination such as Whistler that can support your needs as a digital nomad. Take it one step further and stay at the Listel Hotel Whistler to fully optimize your efficiency during your travels. It is our pleasure to provide guests with access to high-speed internet.