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Winter Ziplining!

Winter Ziplining!

In addition to soaring down the ski hill, guests can add soaring through the trees to their list of things to do in Whistler. How exactly? Why ziplining of course! Ziplines are cables that guests can use gravity to slide down. Ziptrek Whistler has a whole series of ziplines strung all throughout the forests and connecting Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains. What’s more, reaching each zipline requires exploring a true old-growth temperate rainforest blanketed in snow. Want to learn more? Read on!

Each tour is made up of suspension bridges, treetop observation platforms, ground-based trails and of course, ziplines!

What To Do:

High, long, adrenaline inducing- Ziptrek Whistler is home to all of the above ziplines. With tours designed for virtually all ages and abilities, there is a tour option suitable for everyone, now you just have to choose!


Perfect for groups, families and first timers!

5 Ziplines, 4 Treetop Bridges = 2.5-3 Hours


5 Ziplines, 4 Treetop Bridges = 2.5-3 Hours

Perfect if you’ve ziplined before or crave an adrenaline rush!


10 Ziplines, 8 Treetop Bridges = 4.5 Hours

Perfect for those that want a grand adventure and excitement!


1 Monsterous Ziplines and lot’s of views = 1.5 Hours

Perfect for those looking for the ultimate rush and zipline experience!


6 Ziplines, 8 Treetop Bridges = 3 Hours

Perfect for after-skiing!

Don’t worry about having to stop yourself or control your speed- Ziptrek’s ziplines have a braking system that allows for a smooth deceleration and finish on each ride!

What To Expect:

Guests check-in and meet their guides at the Carleton Lodge in the main village across from the Whistler Gondolas. (The only exception is The Sasquatch® where the check-in occurs at our kiosk at the base of Blackcomb). All guests will be fitted with a custom Ziptrek harness and a climbing helmet. From there, you will be driven up to the top of the tour and begin your descent down. The descent features a combination of walking through the treetops and ziplining down!

What To Wear:

Winter ziplining can be chilly and you will be hiking through the forest. To enjoy your experience to the fullest, make sure to don the appropriate apparel. This means wearing:

  • Proper footwear (no open-toed shoes allowed)
  • Weather appropriate clothing (water-proof jacket, etc.)
  • No backpacks or bags allowed
  • Secure small or loose items prior

Ziptrek Ziplining is an exciting activity that can be fun for everyone. Enjoy unmatched scenic views and a perspective that just can’t be compared too, all while flying through the trees!