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Why March In Whistler Is The Best

Why March In Whistler Is The Best

While the rest of the world associates March with the arrival of dreary springtime, Whistler is rubbing their hands together in anticipation of the seasonal transition. A typical pacific northwest spring means rain, add the cooler temperatures found at higher elevations and you have optimal conditions for snow, snow and more snow! However, March isn’t made great just by the snow alone, the typical perks of moving into a warmer season apply here too. Now, enough of the small talk, we are going to lay down the facts and prove just why March is the best!


In 2016, it snowed for 15 days straight in March. 15 DAYS! The total month saw a cumulative 297 cm of fresh snowfall and these statistics are not an anomaly. Historically, Whistler receives meters (Yes meters!) of snow in early spring. This is usually a result of the increase in precipitation that goes hand in hand with the changing of the seasons in this region.

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As we transition into spring, an increase in temperatures is expected to take us from the average of -3 degrees seen in February to around +8 degrees by the end of March. You won’t have to worry about covering up every bit of skin that may be exposed to the elements; Instead, t-shirt’s and sunscreen replace balaclavas and winter coats. What’s more, a common occurrence during March is the phenomenon of getting a huge dump of snow at night and waking up to a blue bird sky and sun in the morning.

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Daylight Savings

In the middle of March, daylight savings occurs. This is the practice of advancing clocks during the summer months by one hour so that evening daylight lasts an hour longer. What this means for skiers and snowboarders is that the mountain stays open later and you get to bare witness to the exquisite hues of a Whistler sunset while riding down. Can you say perfection?

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Multi-Sport Days

As the month of March continues on, the snow begins to melt at lower elevations. Don’t worry, this isn’t a bad thing. It means the beginning of a beautiful period of time where multi-sport days can take place. Just what is a multi-sport day you ask? It is when you can take part in multiple sports in one day and here in Whistler, it generally means skiing and biking! This scared time frame only exists during March and April when the mountain is open, so don’t miss out!

We really don’t need to persuade you why March in Whistler is the best but we do feel it is our duty to inform you of all the fun that you could be having. But hey, if our facts did the trick, you will be booking your March vacation in Whistler and accommodation at the Listel Hotel now!