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Whistler’s Secret Patios

Whistler’s Secret Patios

There may not be a better end to the perfect day than sitting in the sun on a patio, sipping and nibbling on the finest. We in Whistler take our patio time very seriously. After all, you have to have some way to unwind after all the activity! Often, the unwinding requires a certain setting, a relaxing oasis of sorts that encourages chatter about the day’s activities and a mindfulness of one’s beautiful surroundings. With a collection of these types of patios right here in town, we have gathered up a list of Whistler’s Secret Patios for you to enjoy when the sun is setting.

Bearfoot Bistro

The Bearfoot Bistro is located right in the Listel Hotel Whister. They refer to their patio as “a taste of South Beach in the sky.” This glamorous setting features a tropical vibe complete with palm trees and white sofas. Be sure to indulge in their champagne lounge, full bar, oyster and dinner service whilst outdoors!

Best Patio Beveridge: Champagne of course!

Best Patio Meal: Try the ricotta summer truffle tortellini. This seasonal menu item combines morel mushrooms, fiddleheads, fava beans, hazelnut brown butter, and ricotta salata.

Earls Kitchen + Bar

Don’t let its centralized location fool you. The patio at Earls Kitchen + Bar has covered booths that allow for intimate conversation, all while peeking out at the village hustle and bustle below. Start enjoying the wonderful menu in the early afternoon and stay where the plenty of patio heaters will keep you warm well into the evening.

Best Patio Beveridge: Try the Mojito-  a tasty mix of lime, raspberry or cucumber – J. Wray white rum, mint and fresh lime.

Best Patio Meal: You’ll want something to pick on in between conversation so make sure to try Chili Chicken + Wontons which features tender chicken, crispy wontons, piled high with sweet and spicy chili sauce.

Stonesedge Kitchen

Tucked on the edge of the village and surrounded by trees, this patio is an oasis. Here you will find comfort food reinvented and tasty drinks that follow suit.

Best Patio Beveridge: Try one of their infamous and truly Canadian Caesars!

Best Patio Meal: Enjoy decadent Baked Mac’n Cheese made with braised short ribs, caramelized onions and a three cheese blend, topped with crispy breadcrumbs.

Crepe Montagne

Just outside of the village on Main Street, lies Crepe Montagne, a creperie of sorts but with a broader menu that features fondue, raclette and much more. The patio sits in front of this little shop. It’s planter boxes and covering whisk you out of Whistler and into Provencial France.

Best Patio Beveridge: Espresso or a Mimosa mixed with orange juice and Freixenet wine. 

Best Patio Meal: A savory Bobsleigh crepe made with tomatoes, ham, and cheese.

Sit down, relax and savor your day’s activities while on one of the spectacular patios that can be found all around town. Did we forget to mention one of your favorite secret Whistler patios? Be sure to tell our staff at the Listel Hotel so we can expand our list!