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Whistler’s Ghost Town

Whistler’s Ghost Town

Image C/O Whistler Museum

Did you know that just outside of Whistler, lies a ghost town?

This ghost town’s story is far less spooky than you may think. Long before Whistler was Whistler, there was a booming logging industry. To accommodate the need for infrastructure and loggers, Parkhurst sprang to life after the land was purchased from Widow Parkhurst. And, what started off as one house quickly turned into several, a bunkhouse, a mill and home for around 70 loggers.

Sadly, Parkhurst’s lifespan was short due to the Great Depression when logging companies were not able to sell what they had harvested and a fire a little later on in the 1960’s. What remains of its existence is the remnants of a few of the buildings perched on the edge of Green Lake which is open to the public to view. If you’re interested in embarking on a hike into the past and perhaps, with some eerie undertones, a trek to Parkhurst is for you.

Image C/O Whistler Museum

Travelling to Parkhurst

There are a number of ways to get to the site. The most scenic hike runs along the Green River. It is a well-marked trail but be wary of the active train tracks that the trail sits next to. Throughout your hike, take in the sights of the Green River, meadows, and the mountains as you make your way onto the ridge above the lake where Parkhurst is located.  The round trip is approximately 5 km and you should allow between 2-3 hours. If you really want an unearthly experience, bring camping equiptment to stay the night. That is if you dare!

Another option to get to the ghost town is to canoe straight across the lake. Use the Greenlake boat launch and don’t forget your life preservers.

What you will find

Time and the relentless winters have not been kind to the buildings of Parkhurst. However, there are the skeletons of a number of houses and a very lucky few that remain somewhat intact. In addition, you will find relics from the past in the form of cans and abandoned automobiles. If you have the courage, wander around and see what else you can find.

The Parkhurst Ghost town is another truly unique Whistler experience and what has been noted as an uncanny one at that. Take your time and enjoy the hike or plan to stay the night. For more details on how to get to there, visit Whistler Hiatus. After your other worldy experience, come relax in the comfort of the Listel Hotel, where you won’t have to be on the look out for ghosts