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Your Guide to Whistler’s Not so Mainstream Night Life

Your Guide to Whistler’s Not so Mainstream Night Life

Champagne sabering at the Bearfoot Bistro

Photo: Mike Crane/ Tourism Whistler

It’s no secret that although skiing might be the main reason a trip to Whistler is planned, the nightlife is a close second. After the hill closes and après has commenced, the next questions is where should your group spend the rest of the night? Not interested in heading to a night club? A great deal of the night life is tucked away and without knowing where to look, your night might just be called early. Here a guide to Whistler’s not so mainstream night life and how to make the most of your nights here in Whistler!

1.Buffalo Bills

Looking to dance the night away? Buffalo Bills is your spot to kick up your heels and maybe even dance on stage to the classics as well as top 40’s! Friday night is ladies night so get there early and have a complimentary glass of champagne. Concerned about long line ups? Head over to Buffalo Bills Facebook page and request a guest list for you and your friends.

2. Dublin Gate

You can’t go wrong with true pints mixed with live music. An outside fire let’s you take a break and enjoy the conversation. Featuring a late night happy hour from 11pm to 1am, you can get your fair share of highballs and wine!

3. Tapley’s

Whistler’s sports bar. This is a happening place. From live music to watching the game, you might just find yourself here for après that continues well into the night.

4. BearFoot Bistro

Not just a dining experience. With the Ketel One Ice Room and one of the most extensive wine cellars in western Canada, your Bearfoot experience could be unforgettable! Don’t forget to ask to learn how to sabre a champagne bottle!

5. Crystal Lounge

Looking for a place to play pool and perhaps listen to some good ol’ karaoke? Head over to the Crystal Lounge. Stocked well with board games and great drink specials, your guaranteed to meet some of the locals.

With so many options for nighttime activities to do in Whistler other than going to the night clubs, we can’t guarantee that you will be up for fresh tracks! Just make sure you have a place to stay to experience the not so mainstream night life with one of our hotel deals!