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Made In Whistler Market

Made In Whistler Market

Every Saturday from December 17 through April 1, the Made In Whistler Winter Artisan Market sets up shop. This market features local artisans displaying and selling their crafts. Here, you will find unique jewelry, pottery, woodwork, fine art, textiles and artisanal foods. Many of the vendors have to go through a rigorous selection process focused on quality and price point, so you will only find the highest of quality, hand-made goods available to purchase. With only a few more market days left in the season, we are featuring one of vendor’s that you will find at the Made In Whistler Winter Artisan Market called Rising Knead Bakery.

Rising Knead Bakery is a small artisan bakery specializing in traditional naturally fermented sourdough breads and pastries. They are locally based out of Whistler and have a passion for the beauty of baking! Where ever possible, Rising Knead uses fresh ingredients that are locally-sourced and organic. To further add to the quality of their products, everything is handcrafted in small batches using organic Canadian-grown grains with a percentage now being freshly milled.

Despite having a wide range of products, this local bakery is famous for its sourdough which is a direct result of a deep appreciation for the process associated with making this type of bread. Just why is sourdough so tricky to perfect? Well, sourdough is a fermented dough, made from naturally occurring wild yeast and bacteria in flour. This fermented culture of flour and water or a ‘starter’ acts as a natural leavening agent. In lamens, this means a substance that causes an expansion of the dough. The lengthy prep process of sourdough helps to break down the hard-to-digest gluten into more easily absorbed nutrients as well as adds B vitamins. Preparing bread this way may take longer and requires a distinct knowledge of the process but it also makes it easier to digest compared to standard loaves of bread, making it a tasty favorite among many!

To learn more about Sourdough and Rising Knead Bakery, be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram @risingkneadbakery.

The Made In Whistler Market is free to enjoy, a great thing to do in Whistler and is a wonderful chance to take home locally made, artisanal goods to remember your trip by. Escape the chilly weather and be prepared to spend a few hours perusing the stands. Now all you need is the accommodation to make visiting this market possible. Stop by The Listel Hotel Whistler to book your stay today!