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Top Spring Activities

Top Spring Activities

You may think coming to Whistler is all about being here during the heaviest snowfall of the season but there is a little known secret here called spring! Spring brings mild weather, sun and the opportunity to do all sorts of activities including skiing. We’ve made a list of the top five things to do here in Whistler in spring!


The bike park might not be open for another month but Whistler has an extensive trail system with trails that are clear close to the village or even a bit further if your looking for an adventure. Check out the retail stores if your looking to rent a bicycle for a day and get the lowdown on which trails to ride as well as handy map. With optimal conditions, spring biking could just be the best of the season!

Photo: Mike Crane/ Tourism Whistler

2. Hiking

Did you know Whistler has many waterfalls all around it located within hiking distance? Grab a pack and be prepared for all weather conditions as you find some of Whistler’s hidden gems. The early season conditions will make the trails less busy and leave room for a bit more of an adventure!

Photo: Mike Crane/ Tourism WhistlerPatio

3. Patio

Whether it’s in the village or on top of the mountain, sit back and watch the day unfold around you with a drink in hand from a patio. There’s no shortage of restaurants, pubs and cafes to bask in the sun on while enjoying world class cuisine!

Photo: Mike Crane/ Tourism Whistler

4. Golfing

Throw in mild temperatures, blooming flowers with sunny days and you might just have some of the best golfing of the year! Layer up and try one of Whistler’s many championship courses at the spring prices. A bonus is that the early season makes the course less busy!

Photo: Mike Crane/ Whistler Tourism

5. Spring Skiing

T-shirts and sunscreen, spring skiing is a time for friends, short lift lines and a sun. Even though the weather is blue skies and sunshine, there is still lot’s of riding to be had!

Photo: Mike Crane/ Whistler

Spring is the opportunity to come to Whistler and try out all sorts of different activites. Or to see how many you can do in one day! We challenge you to have an adventure of a lifetime and we can help you by being the place you rest so you can just do more!