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The Best Mountain Biking in Whistler

The Best Mountain Biking in Whistler

Whistler is synonymous with world-class mountain biking. Bikers are known to follow their passion around the globe, seeking out the best mountain biking in the world, and it’s no wonder so many make annual treks to the mecca of Whistler, BC. Our trail builders, in and outside of the park are widely recognized as some of the best in the world, turning the natural, rugged terrain of Whistler into a playground for two wheels. Because the trail system is so vast, we’ve boiled down some of the best trails in and outside of the Bike Park to give you a starting point to plan your vacation!

Whistler Mountain Bike Park

If you prefer gravity-fuelled fun and rather not pedal uphill, getting a pass to Whistler Mountain Bike Park is a must! The bike park is famous for its jump lines, gnarly tech, but most importantly, it’s designed for bikers to safely progress from beginner to intermediate to advanced. Here’s our best-of list for Beginners to Advanced Riders:


Del Bocca Vista, Photo retrieved from

Beginner Trails

Easy Does It (Flow Trail):

This is the perfect trail for beginners, allowing them to work on cornering, getting comfortable with speed, and a great warm-up trail for any rider. 

Del Boca Vista (Tech Trail):

Del Boca Vista, located off of Crabapple Turns, is the ideal trail for introducing beginners to technical Whistler riding. The fun, flowy tech will get you accustomed to what’s to come (if you want to test out intermediate trails!).


Crank It Up, Photo by Zep Mountain Bike Camps

Intermediate Trails

Crank It Up (Jump Trail):

This high-speed jump line is a fantastic intermediate jump line. Whether you’re an advanced rider wanting a warm-up, or looking to step up your game from the jumps on B-Line, this is one of the most popular trails in the park. 

Ninja Cougar (Tech):

This combo of blue tech trails is one of our favourites: B-Line upper, Ninja Cougar, Karate Monkey, to Samurai Pizza Cat. You’ll get a little bit of everything on this combo!


A-Line, Photo by Norco Bicycles

Advanced Trails

A-Line (Jump Trail):

A-Line quite possibly is the most widely known trail in all of Whistler! However, don’t let its popularity translate to accessibility, as it’s a jump line with big tables, mandatory drops, and high speeds. 

Miss Fire, Delayed Fuse, BC’s Trail (Tech):

These rowdy, advanced tech trails in Creekside will test your skills on the bike. You’ll drop down to the base of the Creekside Gondola, where you can have a snack or just head back up the lift for more fun!


Bikers resting at Lost Lake

Trail Riding

If you’d rather dial the pace down and use your leg power to access the descents, trail riding in Whistler will not only test your downhill skills but your fitness as well! The vast network of over 250 trails in the Whistler Valley makes it one of the most comprehensive trail networks in the world. We highly recommend downloading Trail Forks before heading out on your Whistler biking adventure. We boiled down our favourite recommendations to help you get a taste of the network on your next vacation!  

Lost Lake Network (Beginner Friendly):

Conveniently located around the beautiful Lost Lake of Whistler, this network has green trails for beginners, as well as intermediate and a few advanced trails. Start at the Passivhaus, and work your way around the Zappas Trail Network in a clockwise direction, conveniently ending at Lost Lake Park! The blue tech trails will test your climbing and descending skills, the perfect warmup for bigger rides to come!

Westside Trails (Intermediate Trails):

If you want more elevation and access to bigger rides, the Westside of Whistler is a great place to go. Conveniently pedal across the highway from the Main Village and climb up Stonebridge Drive to access the Flank. Chipmunk Rebellion (1&2) to Danimal Middle are great technical intermediate trails to start on! 

Whistler North (Advanced):

If you feel ready to take the next step up, Howler is a great trail to get you closer to the alpine. You’ll climb about 600 metres (2000 ft) before you descend a long, advanced tech trail. Remember, always take spare tubes, tools, and water when you head out on bigger rides like these! 


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