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The Bearfoot Bistro’s Exciting News!

The Bearfoot Bistro’s Exciting News!

Have you experienced the Bearfoot Bistro?

Located in the Listel Hotel, The Bearfoot is a premier fine dining restaurant. In addition to lush surroundings, wine bottle sabering, the coldest vodka tasting room in the world and award winning cuisine, it is known for its supreme culinary experience. The Bearfoot Bistro takes local ingredients and maximizes their taste potential with twists and creativity that your palate will relish.

The real cherry on top is the dessert menu, prepared by a dessert master and petits fours, Executive Pastry Chef, Dominic Fortin. His originality and skill set in creating incredible desserts was recently recognized by his acceptance as the newest member of the Cacao Barry international Ambassadors club.

Cacao Barry is a premium French brand which cultivates great cacao from all over the world especially for professionals to use in their creations. They work closely with both suppliers and customers to develop the best possible cacao quality as well as experience.

Dominic turned to this brand when looking to further develop the Bearfoot Bistro’s chocolate offering. He vision and primary concern was taste and he knew that Cacao Barry brand was one he could be confident in. In the press release, Dominic noted, “This was obvious when I started the adventure of creating my own chocolate at the Or Noir™ lab. What matters is the taste. It is our milk chocolat Moema that we created that resembles me the most. As I do not like sugar, I wanted to create a milk chocolate that can be enjoyed in abundance. For the dark chocolate Quanah I wanted something powerful with a long finish, but also fruity as this pairs well with plated dessert. But the ultimate judge remains the customers with smiles on their faces as they enjoy our recipes.”

Dominic began his journey as a dessert master in Vancouver. He has since travelled the world, worked in France and finally joined the Bearfoot in 2005 as Pastry Chef where he works closely with Executive Chef, Melissa Craig. Inspiration for his creations are found from his surroundings, books and the abundance of fresh harvest from the fertile Sea to Sky corridor. His never ending quest for innovative and tantalizing taste bud experiences has made him an asset to the Bearfoot’s full  culinary experience.

This is prestigious appointment as Dominic Fortin becomes one of the only 13 Cacao Barry Ambassadors in Canada and the youngest. The invitation-only club includes a global membership of more than 100 pastry Chefs and chocolatiers from more than 20 countries. In this new role, Dominic Fortin will collaborate with other pastry chefs and chocolatiers to influence the world of pastry through, ” innovation, artistry and technical expertise.”

Congratulations Dominic Fortin! We look forward to your culinary creations involving the Cacao Barry brand and relationship.

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Excepts taken from the Cacao Barry Press Release Dated: July 12th 2016.