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Pet Friendly Travel: Charlie’s Experience

Pet Friendly Travel: Charlie’s Experience

So you and your pet are setting off on an adventure. It could be your dog, your cat or even your hamster. Whom ever your furry friend might be, we at the Listel do not discriminate, in fact, we welcome pets of all varieties! We recently rolled out the red carpet for Charlie the cat. Charlie came to stay with us for a few days and here is what her pet friendly travel experience entailed.

Arriving At The Hotel

Hi, I’m Charlie the cat!

It was apparent that Charlie thought her fur-parents were the ones leaving on a jet plane. When it came time to travel to the hotel, she was none too excited. Upon arriving, Charlie had to remain on a leash which was something she wasn’t quite used to. This protocol is only enforced in public areas of the hotel to be mindful around other hotel guests. Additionally, a pet charge of $25 per night was applied to cover any possible cleaning costs that Charlie may have incurred. Shedding your winter coat can be messy! After all the logistics were sorted, Charlie was able to head up to her room and settle in for the evening.

Pet Travel Tips:

  • Exercise your pet prior to travelling, this will help them be more inclined to rest during transportation.
  • Remove a leash and collar during transportation so your pet cannot harm themselves.
  • Let your hotel know prior to arrival that you have a pet. This way, they can ensure that pet-friendly rooms are available, be properly prepared for your pet and can even recommend parks, hikes, and other pet-friendly activities.

Staying At The Hotel

These beds are better than at home!

Like any new place, Charlie had to adjust to her new surroundings. This did not happen right away but after remaining quiet and calm, Charlie soon found that the hotel beds were pretty comfy! Charlie was able to enjoy her stay while her parents went out and enjoyed what Whistler had to offer.

Pet Travel Tips:

  • Your pet may make noise in response to his/her new surroundings. Don’t inadvertently encourage it. Instead, stay calm and assertive.
  • Once you have checked in, take your pet for a walk to help them release any pent up energy and calm them.
  • If your pet is a dog, enter the hotel room first and don’t let them wander around. This will help them show that you are in control of the situation and may help to relieve anxiety.
  • Arrange a time with the front desk when you will be out of the room with your pet so house- keeping can perform its service.
  • If you are going to be out for long periods, look at hiring Whistler Dog Sitting, a one on one service specializing in pet sitting and adventure walks for your favourite furry friend!

Departing The Hotel

But I don’t want to leave yet!

Leaving the hotel wasn’t easy for Charlie. Once she made himself at home, she didn’t want to go.

  • It is normal protocol for registered guests to be responsible for all costs related to damage or mess caused by the pet and any compensation given to another hotel guest should the pet disturb other guests.

If you are looking for a pet friendly hotel to stay at while travelling with your pet, visit the Listel Hotel Whistler, where all pets of all varieties are welcome!