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How to Pack for a Ski Holiday

How to Pack for a Ski Holiday

The excitement is setting in — you’ve booked your flights, you got a great accommodation deal at the Listel Hotel Whistler, you’ve purchased your lift tickets online and you’ve scheduled your ski lessons. Now it’s time to pack! But figuring out what to pack for a ski holiday can be tricky! Especially when you’re travelling to the Coast Mountains.

Winter Weather in Whistler

Due to its close proximity to the coast of the Pacific Ocean, Whistler enjoys a mild winter climate and a great volume of precipitation in the winter. While most of this precipitation comes as snow in the mountains, an average of 10.6 metres annually, it can lead to some wet and rainy days in the valley.  

Check out historical Whistler weather data here.

Gore-Tex is Your Friend

Being prepared for wet conditions will ensure your time in Whistler is enjoyable and comfortable. Pack Gore-Tex, or similarily waterproof outerwear to help you stay dry. The best way to enjoy your time in Whistler, even if the forecast is calling for multiple days of rain, is to live like a local and just embrace it — just remember, if it’s raining in the valley, it often means there’s fresh snow falling up top!

Layer Up!

The weather in the mountains can often change suddenly. Depending on the day’s activity, wearing layers will help you stay comfortable and maintain the appropriate body temperature. When packing for a ski holiday, be sure to pack a variety of moisture-wicking layers, warm layers and lighter layers for all the different activities you will be doing in Whistler.

These Boots are Made for Walking

While the snow removal crews work tirelessly to keep the sidewalks and Village Stroll clear, sometimes they just can’t keep up with the snowfall! And on days when the temperatures seem to climb a little and the snow starts to melt, it can get a little bit messy. Be sure to pack warm, comfortable boots that will also keep your feet dry.

Casual and Comfortable

The general attire around Whistler is casual and comfortable. It’s not a strange sight to see someone enjoying dinner at a fine-dining restaurant in their ski gear. Instead of overloading your suitcase with formal wear, unless of course, you’re attending a special occasion, pack outfits that can be worn any time of the day and multipurposed during your trip. 

Once you’re arrived in Whistler and begin to unpack your things, don’t stress if you’ve forgotten something. Whistler offers a great variety of sports and lifestyle stores for your shopping needs. Check out a full list of Whistler stores here.

If you’re thinking of booking a ski holiday to Whistler, come stay with us! Just steps from the mountains and at the heart of Whistler Village, the Listel Hotel Whistler offers the perfect base for your Whistler holiday. Check out our great winter deals on now, here.