The Listel Hotel Whistler


We are all going through a time that we never could have imagined. Everywhere we look, the COVID-19 pandemic has completely disrupted our lives. As a result, significant societal changes must be made.

The hospitality industry has been affected greatly, making it extremely challenging to operate hotels and restaurants. With that in mind, I unfortunately must announce that we at the Listel Hospitality Group in Canada have made the very difficult decision to temporarily close our hotel and restaurant operations. The health and well-being of our valued employees, and you, our guests must come first.

The restaurant operations of Forage in Vancouver and Bearfoot Bistro in Whistler will remain operating with an extremely limited number of value focused take-out options. Our hope is to be able to help our staff and our communities as much as possible during these challenging times by providing some nourishment and positivity.

Allow us to take the opportunity to commend the outstanding work that all our teams have done to ensure the safety of all involved while working towards this closure.

I appreciate that you, as a guest, is really what makes this industry special. The opportunity to meet incredible people from around the globe and from many different walks of life is what will inspire this industry to show resilience through these difficult times. We truly cannot wait to have you back to our hotels and restaurants once this has passed and we are safely able to re- open our doors.

On behalf of all of us at Listel Hospitality Group, please stay safe, and please stay positive.

With compassion,
John Nicholson
Vice President, Hotels & Restaurants
Listel Hospitality Group