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Midweek In Whistler Is The Best Kept Secret

Midweek In Whistler Is The Best Kept Secret

Everyone lives for the weekend but what if you didn’t have to share your free time with anyone else? Restaurants, bars, bike trails, and even the highways are far less busy during the week as opposed to the weekend; meaning there is more time for you to enjoy yourself. We all want a little longer to relax and relish in our vacation so we at the Listel are going to let you in on something special: Midweek in Whistler is the best kept secret and here is why!

No line-ups!

Imagine riding the Whistler Bike Park and not having to wait in a single line up. This is a very real possibility if you choose to come to Whistler during the week. This also applies to restaurants, bars and some of your other favourite Whistler activities…just stroll right on in!

Empty Trails!

No waiting to drop in or getting stuck behind a group…just you and the trails! Midweek can also be a great time to learn new skills or take a lesson since there is a higher chance of smaller class sizes.

Move Freely!

It is a well known fact that the Sea To Sky Highway can be quite busy during peak travel periods such as the weekends. Choosing to travel on weekdays means less time spent in the car and more time spent in nature. This also applies to the village stroll which is home to many events that fall on Saturdays and Sundays. If walking unhampered is something you prefer, choose to come to Whistler midweek.

Peace And Quiet

Many travel to Whistler to enjoy the tranquility that comes along with being in the mountains. With the resort having far less visitors throughout the week, you can bet that the whole village is quieter.  So go on, visit the Scandinave Spa and enjoy complete silence or wander through the Audain Art Museum with zero interruptions.

Live Like A Local!

There are many local events that occur on weekdays such as outdoor movie nights, markets, mountain bike races and concerts, giving you a chance to experience the Whistler community.


Since midweek is far less busy, there is unbeatable accommodation savings to be had. We at the Listel  can offer at least $100 less per night on bookings throughout the week as opposed to on the weekend. What are you waiting for? Come and experience the best kept secret: Whistler midweek!