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June In Whistler: Dining, Bears, and Snow Walls

June In Whistler: Dining, Bears, and Snow Walls

June in Whistler is special. Now, we might be biased but hear us out; there are so many novel activities found only during this time. The snow has melted down low, bringing the valley to life, and the animals are back after spending the winter staying warm in their dens. The list doesn’t stop there. June is when many of the restaurants offer special dining deals, a chance per se to sample unique culinary offerings. And how could we not mention the infamous snow walls? Now that we have your attention, here’s the ultimate breakdown of June in Whistler featuring dining, bears, and snow walls!

Spring Dining Deals

Dining Deals

Had a restaurant in Whistler you’ve always wanted to try? Now is the perfect time!

Whistler has a vibrant culinary scene and every year as the skiing ends for the winter season, the local restaurants collectively put together dining deals throughout the village. This is an incredible opportunity to try Whistler’s award-winning executive chefs, pie masters, bakers, and mixologists at a price that won’t break the bank. What’s more, many of the participating restaurants feature multi-course meals in their dining offers.

A few tips for those new to the spring dining specials:

  • Reservations are key! Araxi, Bearfoot Bistro, and Il Caminetto are just a few of the restaurants offering multi-course specials and you can imagine how many flock to try their menus. Book far in advance to ensure a table while you’re visiting the resort.
  • Many of the restaurants only offer dining deals from Sunday to Thursday.
  • If you decide to fly by the seat of your pants, leave adequate time to visit a few locations before you may end up with a table.
  • Don’t pass up a chance to sit on one of the patios – we promise, the people watching, surrounding flora, and of course, the food will make for an exceptional experience.

Bear Tours

Whistler Bears

We love our furry locals!

The bears are back! Well, they didn’t leave, but we locals always feel their absence when they’re deep in hibernation. As many of them emerge with a baby in tow (sometimes even three), they’re hungry and looking for food. This coincides with the snow melting which happens in the valley first. This means that the bears will spend the first part of their spring/summer lower down, providing some of the best chances to see them.

A few tips for those new to bear watching:

  • The tours are much more than just seeing bears. Take in the rainforest as well as scenic views along the way.
  • Don’t forget your camera!
  • Bears are very important to our ecosystem and protecting them is essential. Remember to practice being Bear Smart.
  • Morning and late afternoon are often the best times to see bears.

Snow Walls

Snow Walls

Located just above Pika’s Traverse on Whistler Mountain, the Snow Walls vary in size.

Another very special thing about June is the Snow Walls on Whistler Mountain. The valley is mostly free of snow by this time but the alpine peaks are still very much immersed in winter. Early season sightseeing means the alpine hiking trails are still covered, but Whistler Blackcomb clears the access road to the Peak Chair (typically in early June), leaving canyons of snow for you to explore on your walk to the Peak. It’s very cool to see just how much snow has fallen and makes for an adventurous hike. It doesn’t last long as the seasonal weather makes the snow melt fast so check them out while they’re still around!

A few tips for those new to the Snow Walls:

  • You can make the hike as long or as short as you would like. As the snow melts, you will have to hike further to see the highest snow walls.
  • Wear appropriate footwear.
  • It’s colder at the top of the mountain so bring layers.
  • Snacks are essential. You can also stop at the Roundhouse for a quick bite to eat or to grab any necessary provisions.

June in Whistler boasts some of the most unique activities of the year including dining deals, bear watching, and snow walls. Book your stay with the Listel Hotel Whistler and feast your eyes, belly, and heart on the magic of late spring in the mountains.