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Insider Experience: Chill Out in the Ketel One Ice Room

Insider Experience: Chill Out in the Ketel One Ice Room

Tucked inside the Bearfoot Bistro located in the Listel Hotel, is an experience that will freeze your taste buds, and not in a bad way.  Welcome to the Ketel One Ice Room.  I had the privilege of a personal tour of the room which is one of Whistler’s most unique experiences. Not only did I learn a thing or two about vodka, the experience itself was incomparable to anything I’ve done before. If you’ve got a sense of adventure and a taste for the finer things in life, then step into the coldest vodka room on the planet.

The thought of sub-zero temperatures can be daunting but a partnership with Canada Goose, outfitter of arctic expeditions and creator of the world’s warmest parka, ensures you’ll be warm and toasty during the experience.

Upon arrival at the Ketel One Ice Room Marc Des Rosiers, Marketing Manager of Bearfoot Bistro explained that the chilling -32C temperature is set just above vodka’s freezing point and that the temperature prevents the usual burn associated with drinking liquor. Consuming the vodka at -32C allows guests to experience the distinctive taste that differentiates one vodka from the next. It was interesting to learn about the intricacies of distillation and filtration and how they affect the flavour of the finished product. My appreciation of vodka and spirits has definitely reached new heights (or should I say new temperatures!)

Established in 2010 and expanded in 2014, the Ketel One Ice Room is an adventure not to be missed. Guests are invited to join a Vodka Specialist in a room completely made of ice. Inside, they sample a flight of vodka including Ketel One’s premium vodka along with three other selections. If you are an avid Vodka connoisseur there are 50 vodkas from all over the world just waiting to be enjoyed. Can’t decide? Just ask your Vodka Specialist and they will guide you through, creating a true appreciation of the liquor. For an authentic ski town experience make sure to try the shot ski!

The Ketel One Vodka Room is great for groups but is also an enjoyable experience for individuals and couples too. The Tasting room is open every day from 3pm onwards, and no reservation is required. Make sure to book a table at the Bearfoot Bistro, one of Whistler’s most notable restaurants, before or after the Vodka room. Of course you will want to stay the night and Listel Hotel Whistler offers a Chill Package which includes accommodation for two, continental breakfast and the Ketel One Ice Room Experience for two.

Whistler has so many great experiences and activities to try but this one certainly stands out from the rest. Don’t miss out on creating a unique Whistler moment! Book your Chill Package at Listel Whistler today.