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Having Fun at the Range

Having Fun at the Range

One of Whistler’s favourite ways to spend a day is by visiting the driving range and practicing shots against the valley side. For beautiful views, a thrilling activity, and staying near the village, look no further than the Whistler Golf Range! On the days in between going atop the mountain peaks, or biking and hiking on the trails, take a moment to enjoy a day of still concentration and refreshing scenery. Whether you’re just starting or a long-time season pass-holder, the golf range is great fun for the whole group. 


Some tips for golfing during the summer months:

1. Stay hydrated by having a water bottle, water can also be purchased at the driving range. Staying hydrated helps you focus better!

2. Wear sunscreen and bring a hat, there are a couple of slots that have tents for shade but their availability is usually reserved for the classes. You’ll want to stay protected from the UV rays as much as possible while you’re out in the sun. Guaranteed you will have a better time at the range. 

3. Pack for the range. Be sure to bring a bag of quick essentials such as a snack, a sweater, and a drying towel.



The driving range is adjacent to the Listel Hotel, tucked behind the village on Whistler Way near the base of Whistler Mountain. Stop by for a relaxing warm-up or if you’re a beginner, the atmosphere makes it a great learning environment! If you’re looking for help, the Whistler Golf Academy offers teaching programs for all ages and abilities. The driving range can also provide you with all the equipment you need and ensure that you have the right size and height for your clubs.



Be sure to catch our Stay N Range Package! This includes a night’s stay in one of our Deluxe Rooms, 2 welcome beers upon arrival to the hotel, 2 club rentals and 100 balls for the driving range. At a starting price of $189, our Stay N Range Package makes accommodation and golf rentals a swift and easy process, so you can get out to the range sooner. FORE!