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Fall Golfing In Whistler

Fall Golfing In Whistler

School is back in session and the crowds have dispersed for the summer, making fall in the mountains the perfect time to engage in outdoor activities. One of our favorite ways to enjoy the season is partaking in a round of golf. Whistler is home to 4 championship golf courses that feature exciting play, stunning scenery, and a worthwhile atmosphere. But aside from the obvious, why come to Whistler to play golf in the fall? Here’s everything you need to know about the surrounding greens and their all-time, fall-time golfing. 

Fall golfing1

Picture perfect conditions! Photo: Tourism Whistler/Chad Chomlack

The Temperature

Summer in Whistler can be hot but as fall rolls around, the temperatures begin to cool. You can expect mid to high teens and into the twenties (degrees celsius) during the daytime. Pack a light jacket and be on your merry way!


Fall golfing brings some of the best conditions of the entire year. The playing surfaces also thrive under these conditions with the cooling during the night reviving the grass species, creating a sought-after experience.

Fall golfing2

No crowds in sight! Photo: Tourism Whistler/Chad Chomlack

No Crowds

Summer is over and the crowds have by and large gone home.  So you probably won’t be rushed along by the anxious foursome behind you.  You can take a bit more time, relax, and really enjoy the round – hone your golf skills that much more.

The Scenery

All of Whistler’s courses are tucked in against a spectacular backdrop. That being said, autumn colors add a whole new look. Reds, oranges, and yellows begin to take over, coloring the mountainside. It truly is a sight to behold and one you just have to experience for yourself while fall golfing.

The Fauna

The bears return from spending time higher up in the hills, avoiding the warmer weather and foraging. You’ll probably see them hanging out while you’re teeing off or on the fairway. These furry locals are very busy at this time of year, searching for food to fatten up for the long winter ahead.

Your game is in top form

You have had an entire golf season under your belt.  You’ve been playing all season long and you are feeling comfortable with your swing, your putting is in top form and your equipment is feeling like an extension of your arms.  Chances are that your golf game has never been better so why not enjoy it before putting the clubs away?

Gorgeous autumn colors, fewer crowds, off-season pricing—there are many reasons why fall golfing is so great. Our hotel is located just steps away from the Whistler Golf Club’s driving range and a short walk from their course, a perfect start to your golf vacation in mountains. Book your stay with us now before the snow falls!