The Listel Hotel Whistler


Whistler’s Ghost Town

Image C/O Whistler Museum Did you know that just outside of Whistler, lies a ghost town? This ghost town’s story is far less spooky than you may think. Long before Whistler was Whistler, there was a booming logging industry. To accommodate the need for infrastructure and loggers, Parkhurst sprang to life after the land was purchased from Widow Parkhurst. And, what started off as one house quickly turned into several, a bunkhouse, a mill and home for around 70 loggers. Sadly, Parkhurst’s lifespan was short due to the Great Depression when logging companies were not able to sell what they More »

Artwork at the Listel Whistler

Whistler is a wild beauty in itself- from its vast landscapes to ancient trees to timeless waterfalls. As soon as you step out of the door, you are greeted with an eye full of artistic demonstration, created by Mother Nature herself. In support of creativity, beauty and expression, Listel Canada has remained dedicated to the arts as well as Canadian artists through cultivating a $1.5 million dollar collection in which five of its pieces are on display at the Listel Whistler. Take a tour with us as we proudly showcase our artwork that helps translate the beauty that one might More »

Whistler’s Lakes

It might come as a surprise to you but in addition to the adventurous, adrenaline fueled activities here in Whistler, there is a number of lakes that encourage a slower, more relaxed pace of life. Don’t be fooled by the serenity, the lakes bring a whole other set of things to do in Whistler! Here is your guide to the lakes in Whistler so you can be fully prepared for fun! Lost Lake Located a short walk from the village and through the Lost Lake trails, Lost lake is the perfect end to a bike or hike. The sandy beaches More »