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Midweek In Whistler Is The Best Kept Secret

Everyone lives for the weekend but what if you didn’t have to share your free time with anyone else? Restaurants, bars, bike trails, and even the highways are far less busy during the week as opposed to the weekend; meaning there is more time for you to enjoy yourself. We all want a little longer to relax and relish in our vacation so we at the Listel are going to let you in on something special: Midweek in Whistler is the best kept secret and here is why! No line-ups! Imagine riding the Whistler Bike Park and not having to wait More »

Pet Friendly Travel: Charlie’s Experience

So you and your pet are setting off on an adventure. It could be your dog, your cat or even your hamster. Whom ever your furry friend might be, we at the Listel do not discriminate, in fact, we welcome pets of all varieties! We recently rolled out the red carpet for Charlie the cat. Charlie came to stay with us for a few days and here is what her pet friendly travel experience entailed. Arriving At The Hotel It was apparent that Charlie thought her fur-parents were the ones leaving on a jet plane. When it came time to More »

5 Life Lessons Learned From Traveling To Whistler

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself”- Cloud Atlas Traveling isn’t just about seeing new places, experiencing delicious new foods and meeting new people, it can be a great opportunity to learn about yourself. In fact, it is suggested that traveling can teach you more than a classroom or a job! Challenges arise and we are often pushed out of our comfort zone when we are far from home. Leaving familiarity is often when we find out what we are really made of and Whistler all about pushing boundaries! Here are 5 life lessons learned from traveling to Whistler! Be Happy More »

Best Coffee In Whistler

It might be part of your morning ritual or perhaps, you turn to the warm comforts of it’s dark depths in the late afternoon to keep you going. Whatever your need, coffee is a huge part of many of our lives and that moment when a warm cup is in your hands should only be enjoyed. Whistler has a unique coffee culture where the high caliber of European and Australia coffee making meets the impulsive North American cup of joe on the go. Many of the local coffee shops offer a variety of caffeinated combinations that can satisfy every type of More »

10 Mountain Travel Hacks

Travelling to the mountains can be for many reasons. We go look to these rocky giants for adventure, escape, relaxation and a chance to be in nature. They attract all different types of people with varying agendas and everyone’s idea of mountain travel is different. It is always a struggle when living out of a suitcase and the variability of the mountains can bring a unique set of travelling complications that can make being comfortable a challenge. We found the best mountain travel hacks to make your visit to this mountain range one you’re going to want to repeat! Bring a More »