The Listel Hotel Whistler


Your Guide To Arts And Culture In Whistler

Many come to Whistler to ski, snowboard or mountain bike but did you know that in addition to those heart-pumping activities, Whistler has a vibrant arts and culture scene? Bursting at the seams, you will find galleries, performances and events all surrounding creative pursuits. What’s more, many of these feature the talents of community members that are collectively inspired by the mountains. So get ready, we’re about to take you on a guided tour of the arts and culture in Whistler! Audain Art Museum The Audain Art Museum was opened in 2016 and features the traditional works of the province’s First More »


Whistler’s Bears

It’s that time of the year when Whistler’s longest known locals emerge from their winter slumber. For the past six months, the bears have been in hibernation and the snow melting signals them it’s time to wake up! The males wake up first and the mothers with cubs exit their dens last. There are approximately 50 black bears that roam Whistler so seeing a bear on your trip is very possible. To understand their place in the ecosystem, their behaviors and how to ensure that you do see one, we have the inside scoop on Whistler’s bears! What Is Hibernation? Winter More »

A Foodie’s Guide To Whistler

Whistler lies in between the farms of Pemberton and the waters of the Howe Sound. This location is optimal for fresh ingredients and menu inspiration, making the resort’s food scene something to be acquainted with. Now, your first thought might be that many menu options are built around fueling the hungry skier but quite the contrary, this mountain town’s dining experience has something to please even the most palate savvy foodie. So get your forks out and be prepared to indulge with our foodie’s guide to Whistler! Breakfast Green Mustache Fuel your body with good food at the Green Mustache. More »

Whistler Blackcomb Is Now Epic!

Well of course Whistler Blackcomb is epic but it’s now part of the Epic Pass. Just what is the Epic Pass you might ask? As of October 17th, 2016 Vail Resorts, Inc. announced that the Company has purchased Whistler Blackcomb. Vail Resorts, Inc. owns many resorts throughout North America and in celebration of closing the deal, they have put together a wonderful package that just made your 2016/2017 ski season even better! The Epic Pass Holders A year prior to fully integrating Whistler Blackcomb into the the Epic Season’s pass, Vail Resorts has provided full access to the following mountains and in More »

The Bearfoot Bistro’s Exciting News!

Have you experienced the Bearfoot Bistro? Located in the Listel Hotel, The Bearfoot is a premier fine dining restaurant. In addition to lush surroundings, wine bottle sabering, the coldest vodka tasting room in the world and award winning cuisine, it is known for its supreme culinary experience. The Bearfoot Bistro takes local ingredients and maximizes their taste potential with twists and creativity that your palate will relish. The real cherry on top is the dessert menu, prepared by a dessert master and petits fours, Executive Pastry Chef, Dominic Fortin. His originality and skill set in creating incredible desserts was recently More »