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Can You Name This Mountain?

Can You Name This Mountain?

Standing atop Whistler Mountain is breath taking in so many respects- The sheer vastness of the world below you, the enormous distance between you and the next mountain and the seemingly never ending peaks blanketing the horizon are just to name a few. If this is your first time to the Coast Mountains or your a regular visiter, your sure to pick up on some of the local names for the peaks surrounding our beloved Whistler. Let’s test your knowledge:

Question 1:

This one is an easy one. This mountain is Whistler’s sister ski hill and also sit’s in the Fitzsimmon’s range. It is the home to the Hortsman Glacier which is where resort’s summer skiing and other Whistler things to do in summer take place. Can you name this mountain?


Photo: Ollie Jones

Answer: Blackcomb Mountain

Question 2:

Driving along the sea to sky, these spiny beauties are sure to take your breath away. They are a perfect gauge of the current time of the year and the current Whistler weather- either covered in fluffy snow giving an almost cotton ball appearance in the winter or showcasing massive exposed glaciers in the summer. Can you name this mountain range?


Answer: Tantalus Mountain Range

Question 3:

An iconic view and one of the most well know mountains in Garibaldi Provincial Park. To also add to it’s list of notorieties, the definitive spire is the remnants of a stratovolcano! Don’t worry, it’s considered extinct. Can you name this mountain?


Answer: The Black Tusk

Question 4:

It’s the highest summit in the surrounding range and looks very similar to a cheese wedge (hint!). Climbing camping and backcountry skiing all take place on the massive face but not with out the price. The access is known to be steep, challenging, unforgiving and dangerous! Can you name this mountain?


Photo: Ollie Jones

Answer: Wedge Mountain

How did you do?

If you got all 4 or only a few, the only we way to keep your knowledge up to date or to learn more about Whistler’s local mountains is to book a trip right into the heart of it. Check out our many hotel packages to plan your next adventure!