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Made In Whistler Market

Every Saturday from December 17 through April 1, the Made In Whistler Winter Artisan Market sets up shop. This market features local artisans displaying and selling their crafts. Here, you will find unique jewelry, pottery, woodwork, fine art, textiles and artisanal foods. Many of the vendors have to go through a rigorous selection process focused on quality and price point, so you will only find the highest of quality, hand-made goods available to purchase. With only a few more market days left in the season, we are featuring one of vendor’s that you will find at the Made In Whistler Winter Artisan Market More »

Why March In Whistler Is The Best

While the rest of the world associates March with the arrival of dreary springtime, Whistler is rubbing their hands together in anticipation of the seasonal transition. A typical pacific northwest spring means rain, add the cooler temperatures found at higher elevations and you have optimal conditions for snow, snow and more snow! However, March isn’t made great just by the snow alone, the typical perks of moving into a warmer season apply here too. Now, enough of the small talk, we are going to lay down the facts and prove just why March is the best! Snowfall In 2016, it snowed for 15 days More »

A Foodie’s Guide To Whistler

Whistler lies in between the farms of Pemberton and the waters of the Howe Sound. This location is optimal for fresh ingredients and menu inspiration, making the resort’s food scene something to be acquainted with. Now, your first thought might be that many menu options are built around fueling the hungry skier but quite the contrary, this mountain town’s dining experience has something to please even the most palate savvy foodie. So get your forks out and be prepared to indulge with our foodie’s guide to Whistler! Breakfast Green Mustache Fuel your body with good food at the Green Mustache. More »

5 Life Lessons Learned From Traveling To Whistler

“Travel far enough, you meet yourself”- Cloud Atlas Traveling isn’t just about seeing new places, experiencing delicious new foods and meeting new people, it can be a great opportunity to learn about yourself. In fact, it is suggested that traveling can teach you more than a classroom or a job! Challenges arise and we are often pushed out of our comfort zone when we are far from home. Leaving familiarity is often when we find out what we are really made of and Whistler all about pushing boundaries! Here are 5 life lessons learned from traveling to Whistler! Be Happy More »

Fat Biking In Whistler

The winter sports in Whistler may seem fairly obvious: skiing, snowshoeing, cross country skiing and ice skating. But as always, there are more than meets the eye. One of such activities is the lesser known is fat biking. Just what is fat biking you might ask? Typically, fat biking uses an offroad bicycle that has fatter wheels. These wheels have a larger diameter and are designed for low ground pressure to allow riding on soft unstable terrain, such as snow, sand, and mud. Surprisingly, this activity is very similar to its summer counterpart. Expect to cruise down compact snow and More »