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April In Whistler

April In Whistler

Photo: Tourism Whistler / Mike Crane

Do you hear that? It’s the birds chirping! The sounds of spring are filling the air and with that comes a new season full of exciting things to do in Whistler. Longer days and warmer temperatures make being in the outdoors a real treat, expecially after the long, cold winter months. In fact, April might be one of the best times to visit the mountains. Why you ask? Here’s what you will find during April in Whistler.



Photo: Tourism Whistler / Steve Rogers

The sunshine doesn’t just trigger the plants to start growing. It can also signal the bears that hibernation is over. As early as the end of March continuing well into April, the bears will begin to emerge from their dens and guess what? They are hungry! This means you might catch a glimpse of their round behinds forging for the first meal they’ve had in months.



Photo: Tourism Whistler / Mike Crane

From April 10th-15th, the World Ski and Snowboard Festival will be taking over Whistler. Throughout the 5 days of the festival, music, art and sporting events will be happening all over the resort. A few of the highlights this year are the return of the extreme race Saudan Couloir Ski Race Extreme, the Twisted Tea Slush Cup on Blackcomb Mountain and the  SWATCH ART + Soul gallery.



Photo: Tourism Whistler/Justa Jeskova

There’s nothing quite like sipping on a local craft beer in the sunshine. And Spring is the perfect time to enjoy this warm weather perk. Ride all day and then park yourself on a patio to soak up the Whistler energy and the village views. If you’re really feeling it, kick up your heels or should we say ski boots while you dance your way into the evening.

Spring Skiing

spring skiing

Photo: Tourism Whistler / Mike Crane

We can’t forget to mention spring skiing.  There are 7500 acres of open, skiable terrain, bluebird skies, and longer daylight hours so you can soak up the sun that you’ve been missing since summer. Don’t forget your sunscreen and t-shirt… unless you want to rock that goggle tan into the office on Monday.

Spring is an exciting time to be in Whistler. With so much to do, it’s one of the best times to plan your vacation to the mountains. From skiing to festivals, you’ll get to find out exactly what mean when they say “legendary spring conditions”.