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Best Coffee In Whistler

Best Coffee In Whistler

It might be part of your morning ritual or perhaps, you turn to the warm comforts of it’s dark depths in the late afternoon to keep you going. Whatever your need, coffee is a huge part of many of our lives and that moment when a warm cup is in your hands should only be enjoyed. Whistler has a unique coffee culture where the high caliber of European and Australia coffee making meets the impulsive North American cup of joe on the go. Many of the local coffee shops offer a variety of caffeinated combinations that can satisfy every type of coffee connoisseur and in a hurry so you can get back to all the things to do in Whistler. We’ve got the lowdown on the local coffee shops!

Mount Currie Coffee Company

Born and Bred in Pemberton, BC, Mount Currie Coffee Company has recently opened up shop on Main Street in Whistler. Here you will find all things local, from food to delicious coffee. They pride themselves on using meats that are nitrite and hormone free, local eggs and Pemberton Potatoes. Be sure to try their daily vegan muffin, it’s always something new and delicious!

Must Try Drink: Canadiano

Lift Coffee Company

Can’t muster up the energy to do another lap? Lift Coffee Company is located right beside the Whistler Gondola and makes a perfect pit stop. Lift offers locally roasted coffee and food that is made right here in Whistler. Make sure to leave a little time as you will want to enjoy your cup on their covered and comfortable patio.

Must Try Drink: Americano


Right in the middle of the village, Moguls Coffee is a hot spot and a much loved local hang out. Enjoy the art hanging on the walls, all made by varying featured artists that reside in Whistler. The patio makes for a great meeting place and a chance to people watch. They offer a range of grab and go lunch items, locally roasted coffee as well as delicious vegan treats. This little shop is known for having talented baristas from all over the world, so order that specialty coffee!

Must Try Drink: Caramel Macchiato


Looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth and tasty coffee? Look no further, Purebread is primarily a bakery but who doesn’t want a piping hot specialty coffee to accompany their home made bread, cake or treat? This Whistler based family company has a Flat White that often has people walking across the whole village or driving to it’s other location in Function Junction just to get their hands on it!

Must Try Drink: Obviously the Flat White

Over a cup of coffee, you can sit back and enjoy the world passing around you. This is particularly nice in Whistler where a much needed reprieve from the busy lifestyle and activities is generally welcome. Reach for your favourite hot drink or try something new, you can’t go wrong with these coffee shops. Make sure you have booked a Whistler hotel deal at the Listel so you can spread out experiencing each location- As much as we don’t want to admit it, there can be such thing as too much coffee!