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The Bearfoot Bistro Experience

The Bearfoot Bistro Experience

Photo: Tourism Whistler/Mike Crane

Located right through the Listel Hotel’s lobby, lies a culinary experience worth traveling for. The Bearfoot Bistro is an award-winning fine dining restaurant that aims to take patrons on a journey led by their taste buds. With a menu featuring both local bounty and flavors from around the world, award-winning Executive Chef Melissa Craig has twisted, shook, roasted, and pureed food perfection. But, the experience is not limited to delicious meals and desserts…

Ketel One Vodka Ice Room


Photo: Tourism Whistler / Mike Crane

Before or after you’ve sampled from the Bearfoot’s menu, step inside a freezing room where the drinks or drink we should say, just keeps on flowing! The Ketel One Vodka Ice room sits at a comfortable -32C (-25F), making it the world’s coldest vodka tasting room. What’s more, it is the only permanent vodka room in Canada. Sample from a list that contains more than 50 vodkas from across the globe and don’t worry about catching a chill, there are Canada Goose parkas on hand to keep you warm.

Champagne Sabring


Photo: Tourism Whistler / Mike Crane

One of the best ways to celebrate anything exciting is over champagne. Instead of opening your bottle of bubbly the traditional way, take a quick lesson. Once complete, open it by wielding a sabre! Now, this isn’t just a party trick, it’s a tradition that dates all the way back to the Napoleonic era. Napoleon believed that sabring champagne would bring luck to those going into battle. When you are finished your dramatic de-corking, the Bearfoot extends to package the cork up in a presentation box for you to take home!

The Wine Cellar


Photo: Tourism Whistler / Mike Crane

One of the largest wine collections in Canada lies beneath the Bearfoot’s tablecloths and polished silverware. There are over 20,000 bottles of the world’s best wines found lining the walls of the underground cellar. From here, the in-house wine director pairs each delicious food offering with the perfect wine for a rounded venture that your palate will love. Want a more intimate affair among the vintages? The Bearfoot also provides a chance to dine privately right in the cellar.

The Bearfoot Bistro is just one the culinary experiences to be enjoyed while in Whistler. Add the Ketel One Vodka Ice Room to your stay with our Chill Package or reserve a table that is only a short walk from your hotel room. Bon Appetit!