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6 Insider Tips for an Epic Group Getaway in Whistler

6 Insider Tips for an Epic Group Getaway in Whistler

Gathering your squad for a group getaway in Whistler? Look no further than the Listel Hotel Whistler for an epic adventure filled with laughs, thrills, and comfort. Here’s how to nail your group vacation with a mix of planning, adventure, and a splash of spontaneity, all while basing yourselves at the Listel Hotel Whistler.


1. Hatch Plans Together… But Keep It Fun!

Initiate a group chat to buzz with excitement over biking trails, zip-lining courses, or the ski slopes awaiting you in Whistler. The Listel Hotel Whistler is smack in the heart of the action, making it easy to dive into adventures. Share dreams, vote on must-dos, and build that hype!


2. Budgeting: Mix Thrills with Savings

Craft a budget that balances thrilling experiences with savvy savings. With Whistler’s vast array of activities, from skiing and biking to zip-lining, planning your expenses ahead ensures you can enjoy the best of adventure and dining in Whistler. Consider group rates for accommodations, activities, and dining out to stretch your dollar further, creating more memories without stressing over costs.


Girl ziplining in Whistler wearing a blue jacket and a blue helmet, with a smile on her face.

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler/Justa Jeskova


3. A Room for Every Mood

Even the best of friends need a moment of solitude now and then. The Listel Hotel’s option for inter-connecting rooms caters to this perfectly, allowing you to be together when you want and apart when you need. It’s the ultimate way to respect everyone’s space while keeping the group vibe alive.


4. Delegate for Delectable Adventures

Assign a culinary captain to snag reservations at Whistler’s top eateries or coordinate a group meal at The Bearfoot, the on-site award-winning restaurant. Maybe appoint an adventure guru to book zip-lining or ski passes? Dividing these tasks makes for smooth sailing and ensures every day is packed with fun.


5. Comfort Meets Convenience: Choosing Your Stay

The right accommodation is crucial for a successful group trip. At the Listel Hotel Whistler, the Deluxe Two Queens rooms are a perfect blend of comfort and convenience, ensuring you and your group have a cozy base to come back to after a day full of adventures. With the heart of Whistler Village just steps away, your group will be perfectly positioned to explore, dine, and unwind.


Hotel room at the Listel Hotel Whistler, showing two deluxe queen beds.


6. Leverage Hotel Amenities to Enhance Your Stay

Maximize your group getaway by taking full advantage of the Listel Hotel Whistler’s amenities. After a day exploring Whistler, rejuvenate in the hot tub, unwind in the sauna, and experience the unique chill of the Grey Goose Ice Room. These amenities are not just perks; they’re essential components of your adventure, offering relaxation and bonding opportunities for the whole group.


Friendship fuels the greatest adventures! Gather your friends and book your unforgettable group getaway at the Listel Hotel Whistler today.