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10 Tips For Travelling With Kids to Whistler

10 Tips For Travelling With Kids to Whistler

Planning a family getaway to Whistler? This beautiful mountain resort town is not just a paradise for ski enthusiasts but a treasure trove of adventures suitable for the entire family, especially during the vibrant spring and summer seasons. At the Listel Hotel Whistler, we understand the nuances of traveling with kids and are here to make your experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible. Here are our top 10 tips for a memorable family journey to Whistler:

1. Plan Your Drive with Care

The scenic drive to Whistler along the Sea-to-Sky Highway is as thrilling as the destination itself. To keep the little ones happy and comfortable during the road trip, be sure to pack plenty of snacks, drinks, and a few surprises like new books or travel games.

You’ll need to plan for regular stops at viewpoints like Shannon Falls or Porteau Cove (where you’ll find public toilets) to stretch your legs and breathe in the fresh mountain air. And, if it’s coffee that you need – Outbound Station near Britannia Beach is the perfect stop!

Outbound Station: Sea-to-Sky coffee

Outbound Station: Sea-to-Sky coffee

2. Choose Kid-Friendly Accommodation

At the Listel Hotel Whistler, we pride ourselves on being one of Whistler’s most family-friendly accommodations. Our spacious rooms and suites can comfortably house families of various sizes, and our staff is always ready to help with any needs you might have, from extra bedding to crib installations.

3. Opt for Age-Appropriate Activities for the Kids

Whistler is packed with activities that cater to all ages. For the younger kids, visit Tangle Tree playground near Olympic Plaza for a good use of energy, or splash about at Meadow Park’s water park. Older kids might enjoy the excitement of mountain biking or ziplining. Whatever the age, there’s an adventure waiting to be had.

4. Grab Easy Meal Options Nearby

After a day full of adventure, you might look for simple and quick dining options. Fortunately, our central location in Whistler Village means you’re never far from a variety of easy meal choices, like family-favourite pizza spots, which are perfect for satisfying those urgent hunger pangs without the fuss.


Did you know, the Bearfoot Bistro makes the best ice cream in Whistler – “Nitro Ice Cream”, prepared table side and it comes with all the sundae toppings. It is an experience in itself that not only kids will love but parents as well!


Nitro Ice Cream at the Bearfoot Bistro

Nitro Ice Cream at the Bearfoot Bistro | Photo Credit: Joern Rohde/

5. Pack for All Weather Conditions

Whistler’s weather can be quite unpredictable during the spring and summer. Make sure to pack a variety of layers for your kids, including a waterproof jacket and a warm sweater. Don’t forget hats, sunscreen, and insect repellent! If you forget anything, Mountain Kids Outfitters has everything you need.

6. Schedule Downtime for the Kids

While there’s plenty to do in Whistler, it’s important to schedule some downtime. Relax in the comfort of your room at the Listel Hotel, unwind in our soothing hot tub, or watch a movie together as a family. Relaxation is key to a balanced vacation.

7. Discover Whistler’s Cultural Offerings

Take a walk through Whistler Village and explore the local culture. Visit the Whistler Museum to learn about the region’s history, or check out the Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre to gain insight into the indigenous heritage. These educational experiences can be both fun and enriching for children.

SLCC Whistler

Photo Credit: Tourism Whistler/Justa Jeskova

8. Stay Safe and Prepared

Always carry a small first aid kit when you’re out and about. It can also be helpful for your kids to know your mobile number or have it on them, in case you get separated. Our front desk staff can provide you with contact information for local medical services if needed.

9. Capture the Moments

Don’t forget your camera or smartphone to capture the beautiful landscapes and your family enjoying their time. These memories are precious and will be cherished for years to come. We’d love to see your highlights – tag us on Instagram @listelwhistler!

10. Book Direct for Special Deals

Save on your family vacation by booking directly with us at the Listel Hotel Whistler. We offer exclusive packages and special rates that aren’t available through third-party sites. Plus, by booking directly, you can personalize your stay to better suit your family’s needs.

Listel Hotel Whistler. Photo Credit: Joern Rohde/

Embrace the Adventure!

Traveling to Whistler with kids can be an unforgettable adventure filled with exciting discoveries and relaxing moments. By staying with us at the Listel Hotel Whistler, you ensure a comfortable, fun, and hassle-free holiday tailored especially for your family. Book your stay today, and get ready to create beautiful family memories in one of Canada’s most stunning natural landscapes!