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10 Mountain Travel Hacks

10 Mountain Travel Hacks

Travelling to the mountains can be for many reasons. We go look to these rocky giants for adventure, escape, relaxation and a chance to be in nature. They attract all different types of people with varying agendas and everyone’s idea of mountain travel is different. It is always a struggle when living out of a suitcase and the variability of the mountains can bring a unique set of travelling complications that can make being comfortable a challenge. We found the best mountain travel hacks to make your visit to this mountain range one you’re going to want to repeat!

  1. Bring a small back pack along with your luggage. A small bag will enable you to carry all your basic comforts: food, water, extra layer, etc., so you are able to find your self in any situation and be prepared for it!
  2. Did something important break? Duck Tape. Bring a small folded up piece. It will be enable to fix clothing, shoes, and items temporarily so your fun isn’t spoiled. It can also fix your blisters in a pinch!
  3. Include a plastic bag in your pack. Plastic bags can go on wet feet, carry extra items you may have collected along the way and store soiled goods. They can also act as a short term umbrella!
  4. Heading out for the day? Take a photo of the map. This way you can reference where you are going without looking for wifi or using your data.
  5. Add a dryer sheet to your luggage to keep everything smelling fresh in-between washer availability.
  6. You’re going to be hungry and it can be difficult to pre-plan where to eat. Purchase your snacks at the grocery store and pack them up. This will keep your energy level up in-between food sources and prevent you from being caught without food for a long period of time.
  7. Download the local mountain app. A number of them have weather updates, travel information, deals and can even include fun games.
  8. Check local hashtag on all social media channels. This will give you insight into the local hangout spots, most photo worthy locations and fun things to do!
  9. Dress in layers and for the ability to move from day to night. Don’t let your attire keep you from being spontaneous. Guaranteed you will meet people along the way who may want to keep the fun going with a drink at a local bar or a night on the town.
  10. Tell the front desk of your accommodation where you will be going and when you will be back as an emergency action plan. This will ensure further action can be taken should something happen to you.

You want to be ready for any adventure possible when your in a mountain town. You will find hiking, biking, a wild nightlife and other things to do in Whistler, so you better be prepared for it! Our final travel tip is to have a hotel room booked so you can explore, rest then do it all over again!