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Summer 2016 menu items at the Bearfoot Bistro, dessert items created by Executive Pastry Chef Dominic Fortin. @bearfootbistro

The Bearfoot Bistro’s Exciting News!

Have you experienced the Bearfoot Bistro? Located in the Listel Hotel, The Bearfoot is a premier fine dining restaurant. In addition to lush surroundings, wine bottle sabering, the coldest vodka tasting room in the world and award winning cuisine, it is known for its supreme culinary experience. The Bearfoot Bistro takes local ingredients and maximizes their taste potential with twists and creativity that your palate will relish. The real cherry on top is the dessert menu, prepared by a dessert master and petits fours, Executive Pastry Chef, Dominic Fortin. His originality and skill set in creating incredible desserts was recently More »